Friday, July 10, 2009

Using Twitter to Land a Job

Throughout any given day, I see a number of job listing being tweeted about as recruiters have clearly jumped on the Twitter bandwagon to tout their latest search. Clearly, by targeting specific users and keywords on Twitter, you can quickly reach a large audience of prospective job seekers or candidates.

Beyond the plethora of recruiting activity, companies seeking candidates with social media experience are now getting smarter. Take, for example, Best Buy. They are requiring candidates for their new media positions to show over 250 Twitter followers. (RT This is a great strategy for Best Buy and other employers seeking to fill these new roles in their marketing organizations. They can select people that are clearly active, savvy, and familiar with social media communities. Not only will the candidates resume be reviewed, but you can be assured their most recent tweets will be analyzed. Employers will want to understand who the candidate really is, how they have defined their social media persona, and how effective they have been at communicating their messages.

Having only 30+ Twitter followers at the moment, I am not a candidate for the Best Buy position. :( Should they look further into my 700+ LinkedIn connections, or hundreds of views of my documents on, or my Facebook activity? Twitter is just one social media tool that job candidates might actively be using to manage, grow, and communicate to an online community. Not to mention blogger here.

Maybe it's time for you to update that resume again?

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